How to Take Care of Your Bra

How to Take Care of Your Bra

How to Care for Your Bras | How to Wash Bras | Boux Avenue

A brassiere, commonly known as a bra is undoubtedly the most important part of every woman’s clothing. If the bra is perfect it makes the woman feel confident and comfortable or else she is uncomfortable all day long which makes her lesser confident about herself and her beauty.

Since wearing a bra is so important, taking care of it is equally important. It is very essential to take care of your bra. The frequently asked question is how to wash the bra so that it stays beautiful and lasts longer?

There are two methods of washing a bra; one is a traditional method of hand washing the bra and the other one includes washing it using a machine. There are few things that should be taken care while washing and drying the bra:

  1. Avoid the usage of bleach:

Bleach damages the fabric of the bra as it is delicate in nature.


  1. Washing the bra too often is bad:

Avoid washing the bra very often as it damages the fabric. Give your favourite bra a rest for 2-3 days and use the alternate ones.

  1. Use cool water and a mild detergent:

Use only cool water to wash the bra and soak it for some time in water after which use a mild detergent to wash the bra.

  1. Read the instructions on the bra:

Always remember to read instructions given on the bra which states how to wash and dry it. The information given out is for your convenience.

  1. Use a gentle cycle:

While washing the bra in a machine use a gentle cycle as too much rubbing will damage the fabric.

  1. Use a lingerie laundry bag:

Make use of a smaller lingerie laundry bag while washing it in the machine.

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  1. Wash whites with whites:

Make sure you do not wash whites with the coloured ones or too many coloured ones together as the fabric may lose its colour. Also make sure you do not wash the bra with too many other heavy clothes like bed sheets in the machine.

After washing the bra, drying it properly is also important.

How to dry the bra?

  1. Hang it to dry:

Hanging the bra is the best way to allow it to dry but make sure that it you do not put it for drying under the hot sun as it may get damaged.

Woman bra hanging on rope isolated on white background Stock Photo by  ©belchonock 61089523

  1. Spread it on a towel:

Clip and spread the bra with the cups on the upper side on a piece of dry towel and allow it to dry on its own.

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C. Avoid dryers:


These are a few useful ways to protect the bra from damage.

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